Large Pastures

Additional Facilities Include:​

  • 50 ft Round Pen
  • 1.25 mile Grass Conditioning Path around Property
  • Trailer Parking
  • Wash Rack
  • Trail Obstacles
  • Stadium Jumps
  • Dressage Markers/Ring
  • All Fenced in Electrobraid - Advertised as the Safest Horse Fence as it Flexes Upon Impact

25 Acres of home grown hay.  We offer a great grass mix, a grass alfafla mix and pure alfalfa.  Hay also for sale

62 x 150 Indoor - Footing is a mix of sand and polymers, adjustable sides for added light and ventilation

3 Large Sand Dry Lots - each with automatic waters and lean to shelters

10 Spacious 12x12 stalls, each with open bars and dutch doors for ventilation, automatic waterers, rubber matts, and blanket bars.

              2 Stalls with limestone turnout pens for rehab situations

Sand Outdoor Ring

Fun Mini XC/Obstacle Course w Bank and Ditches